Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The chimney stands alone

After the flames where put out and the smoke had cleared the chimney stood awkwardly alone.  Once the center of the home where we all had gathered during the chill of winter and occasionally in spring and fall when the temps were chilly,  now its future unsure as it swayed dangerously.  It was decided that it would not be allowed to stand as a reminder that some kind of dwelling had existed at its feet, it would be forced to crumble and fall to the ground.

The insurance company was good about paying us for the house and our contents.  We have been able to find another home and we are slowly rebuilding our lives.  Its amazing how quickly things add up when you are trying to replace ---everything.  I signed up for a campaign on GoFundMe and I have to say it feels a bit awkward asking for help.


  1. Oh no, we pulled it down. It was so very tipsy when the wind blew it was another accident waiting to happen if we would have left it up.