Monday, April 7, 2014

The aftermath...poking through the remains

I haven't published or shared any of these pics until now.  I walked around after the fire with my camera taking shots of things and that's were the photos stayed until recently when I finally downloaded them.  The fire was so recent occurring just over two months ago.  Sometimes it feels like this has all happened to someone else, its like it just can't be real.  But, of course, I know its happened.

Here's a handful of shots from February 2, just a few days after the fire.  The insurance adjuster had already been on site, at this point we were waiting for approval to begin the task of cleaning up.

 Left front of the house from street view
 From the front looking across what was my workshop
 What are lovely colors like this doing in a mess like that?
 Smoldering for days afterwards
 Looking down on what was my bedroom and were I was sleeping when the fire broke out
 It stands alone.  Don't blame the chimney and the wood we burned, the fire was electrical.
 The last stick standing.  
 All cooked out--the remains of the kitchen that fell into the basement
 Scrap metal remains
Mangled chard mess of what used to be a happy home


  1. this is so sad to look at, knowing what you lost, but we still have you and frank and that's a blessing,,,,,

  2. Thanks Linda. That's how I have to think of it, that every day is a blessing. But its hard.